What's in a name?

April 22, 2008

I was speaking with a friend recently who said she would love for me to use her son's name when I created a new stationery design. Naturally, I told her I'd be happy to use his name on my next new card (especially because it's such a cute one). This conversation got me thinking-- what IS in a name? Why do I choose the ones I do?

When I started creating stationery, I decided to name each of my products according to the name I used on the design. In the beginning, I went through the names of everyone I knew. And everyone they knew. And everyone related to them.

Some of those designs are still available while others {thankfully} made their way into the recycling bin. Oddly enough, some of those closest to me still don't have products named after them. I'll admit--there is a bit of pressure to find just the right design for the right person.

At the same time, sometimes I create a card and simply draw a blank when it comes time find a name to use. Often I let the font lead me. Admittedly, there are some letters in the English alphabet that are just plain prettier than others. The letters J and M come to mind (this is why I tend to name my designs using those letters most frequently).

Don't forget--I am also a school counselor. I have spent far too much time with far too many "itchy" students to not have some bias against certain names.

Sorry Tyler.

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