Doing the happy dance

July 11, 2008

While Thing 1 has been at Space Camp the past two weeks I've developed quite a nice morning routine. I put Thing 2 down for her morning nap, grab a cup of coffee, and read all my favorite blogs and news sites (laundry be damned).

I was preparing for a show yesterday (more on that later) and spent most of the morning doing some last minute prep work and didn't have the chance to relax and read. Well, imagine my surprise (as I was catching up from yesterday) when I saw that one of my absolute favorite blogs posted about........wait for it........ME!

Let me start by saying that I think Mary over at suffix.abuse is just the bees knees. She has an amazing eye for design and type and shares my love for photography and collecting cameras (my Land Camera is on the bookshelf just above my head in my "about me" pic). She has a gift for discovering new things and sharing them with her readers. So when I saw that she posted about my blog banner (which I worked on forever), I was truly flattered. Thanks Mary for making my day!

Needless to say, I'm alone in my livingroom/studio/office/playroom doing the happy dance. Sort of like this one...

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