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August 12, 2008

Today was the first time one of my children fell down a flight of stairs.

I guess that's what happens when you try to walk down the stairs with your shorts and underpants down around your ankles.

With a drumstick in your hands.

Will my son's decision-making ability and self-preservation skills improve when he turns four? I sure do hope so.

Do I have a place in Samson's baby book to mark this monumental occasion? I think not.

I definitely need the Toddler Tales for this one...

PS. Check out the rest of their website too. Tiny Tales makes an amazing baby shower gift.
PSS. Nothing broken but some bruises down his back just in time for a pool party this weekend...

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Lara said...

My son fell down an entire flight of stairs in April. I think it scarred me for life, although he was fine. It was in our rental house that had this long staircase (thank goodness it was carpeted). When we looked at houses to buy, my "must have" criteria was a staircase that had 2 sections so if he fell again he would only fall a half flight.

p.s. thanks for the props!

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