Friday {free} Finds

August 1, 2008

It's about time this blog had some structure. It's about time my life had some too but I'll be content with this one small achievement. Starting today, Fridays will officially be my Free Finds day. I'm always looking for fun, inexpensive things to do with my children so I am going to try to make my Free Finds stuff you can do with your kids too.

This week's find is from a company called The Toy Maker. According to Marilyn (the supertalented owner/designer/artist) her goal is to create projects that allow kids and grown-ups to make things together (worth a try, right?). And she has free paper toys.

I downloaded and printed a few of her projects onto heavy cardstock, gathered some dear friends (big and small), and took out some super sharp scissors that we would never really let the kids touch. Although my friend Colleen and I were the ones who actually cut and assembled our projects, the boys were amazed. This puppet theater was our favorite:

The illustrations are beautiful and no detail has been spared. There's actually a little star-shaped cutout in the roof of the theater to allow the slightest bit of light to shine in.

Now, you definitely need some sharp scissors, some decent cutting skills, and loads of patience, which pretty much meant that our three-year-old boys were left to jump on the couch and play pirates while Colleen and I did all the work. But it was totally worth it. We had the chance to relax and chat and play with our hands the boys oohed and ahhed when it was complete. Perfect

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