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September 24, 2008

My friend Elizabeth always makes the coolest crafts with her kids. Last year, she made some old-school paper ornaments and I've been wanting to try my hand at them ever since. I remember making them back in elementary school, and it's just as easy and as fun as I remember...

1-2 pieces of orange construction paper
1 piece of green construction paper
1 piece of brown construction paper
paper cutter (optional)
paper clips and/or stapler

Cut the orange pieces of construction paper into 1" wide strips (each strip will be 1" x 11"). Then, shorten some of the strips so that you have (1) 6", (2) 7", (2) 9", and (2) 11" long pieces.

Gather the strips of paper together (with the ends flush) and place the smallest one in the middle. Order them by size so that the largest strip is on the outside. Secure with a paper clip or staple (I prefer the paper clip so that I can keep adding more elements). Line up the opposite ends so that they are together like the top.

Cut a brown strip of paper 1/4" by 3" long for the stem. To make it curl, wrap the paper around a pencil and hold it in place while you count to 20 (or sing the ABC song).
Cut out two leaf shapes from the green paper (ours were sort of like pairs of bunny ears).

Add the stem, leaves, and a piece of string to the paper clip at the top.

Hang up and enjoy...


michelle said...

Those are absolutely adorable!

vicki said...

Thanks Michelle! They were a lot of fun :)

Anonymous said...

Oh, those look like fun! And I can see them working for holiday ornaments with a different color paper, too! Maybe even some sparkles! I am going to have to save this for when my little guy is old enough not to want to lick glitter off his hands.

vicki said...

That's why Jane isn't in any of these pictures, Cathe! She would do the same thing :)

You could totally do this with sparkly & patterned papers too. A whole bunch of them together would look like a winter wonderland. hmmmm....

Unknown said...

Ooooh- this might be just the thing to keep the youngest busy in the AM tomorrow before school. What a neat project :)

Anonymous said...

Ya, my son could then just try to lick my legs trying to get the glitter off his tongue, too! I wouldn't put it pass him!

Oh, Vicky! Now you've inspired me! I have some left over scraps of my wrapping paper - going to make me some cute holiday ornaments for fun! Oh, they'd be so cute as embellishments for gift packaging, too! :-)


Love this craft- think these will look great hanging from the breakfast room chandelier

vicki said...

Thanks for the compliments friends! The beauty of this project is the fact that it's so easy :)

And Cathe-- you definitely need to do this with your own wrapping paper! That would be awesome.

Jen Sue Wild said...

These are super cute .. I will have to try them..

Unknown said...

I can't wait to make Christmas ornaments out of them, using all kinds of beautiful paper! Thanks for posting.

Anonymous said...

Oh my goodness, these are precious! I'm gathering my supplies right now. Thank you! :)

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