happy day

September 2, 2008

Yesterday was a beautiful summer day in Baltimore. We spend the last day of our holiday weekend at a local park and enjoyed a picnic diner and some baseball. Is there a better way to celebrate the end of summer?

Speaking of the end of summer, how many more days do you think I can put Jane in that skirt?  It's a handmade piece from Textile Fetish and every time she wears it I can't help but smile. I love the colors, the fact that it's one-of-a-kind and that it has the cheeriest little sock monkeys you ever did see.


Erin @ Bride Design said...

I've missed so much on your blog since I was away and enjoying the last days of summer with my own little ones, much like you (PS is that a textile fetish skirt your little girl is wearing? Adorable!) Anyway, wish I had made it to bid on your stuff for Nie Nie. The card with the dresses is super sweet.

Erin @ Bride Design said...

Duh...I was too excited to comment and missed your shout out to Textile Fetish. I say Jane can wear it for a while. That's what tights are for right? That word search fabric rocks and with the extra bonus of sock monkeys?! Even cooler.

textile_fetish said...

Adorable!! I'm so glad I did a blog search and found your post. Thank you!!

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