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September 17, 2008

Martha Stewart devoted an entire episode of her show to blogging today and I tuned in with pure envy. The audience of bloggers seemed to be having a blast (even if they were seated with propped laptops, type-synching Milli Vanilli-style). I giggled while watching the Perez Hilton/Martha Stewart interaction and when Martha chatted with Politco bloggers and referred to our possible veep as "Sharon" Palin.

But what I really enjoyed was learning about some new-to-me blogs (that apparently shouldn't be) like A Year of Mornings by Maria Alexandra Vettese and Stephanie Congdon Barnes, and Matt Bites with his amazing food photography and epicurean adventures. I also loved getting to see Deb of Smitten Kitchen (an old favorite) and scanning the audience for familiar faces.

One of my favorite design bloggers, Erin from Design is Everywhere, was there today and I can't wait to read her website later for the inside scoop. Come on Erin-- dish it up!


michelle @ sweet mady's said...

oh i love her show. we should leave the kids with the boys and go one day!

Mama Bj said...

Thanks for the reminder. I tivo Martha and don't get to every episode. I'll certainly check this one out though. I am still a bit new to blogging and I am struck daily by the creativity and beauty that can be shared. There are so many great sites out there.
Love your blog.

Over The Tipsy Top Design said...

I love your blog, it is great!! So many great things, I love your your little girls room that you are redecorating. I'm not sure how I got here but I will be back!!

Thanks, Tipsy Girl Tonia

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