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September 9, 2008

Having ADHD like I do (really, genuinely do), means being impulsive and hyper-focused. You'd think that we ADHDers would have problems with focusing but, in actuality, we become so focused on one thing that everything else just seems to fade into the background.

So when my husband said, "maybe you should just get a new computer" at breakfast one morning, I had ordered one by the end of the day (after doing seven hours of research). It's so light and fast and pretty and the monitor is so very bright. I love it.

Off to slowing it down loading it up with software!

PS. I know. I know. It's not a Mac. I used to use one at work and I really prefer my PC. Shhh!!

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Amanda said...

I hope you post more about this computer. It looks super pretty, I'm looking for a new laptop myself! I am also ADD, seriously @ 30. Cute sight. I found you through design mom.

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