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October 2, 2008

Treat yourself. Brew a second cup of coffee and plan a visit to one of the coziest places on the web. Molly Irwin is a super-talented illustrator (be sure to check out her sketchbook), crafter, graphic designer, mother, photographer (don't miss her Flickr photostream either), and general source of inspiration. And boy does she have a way with words.

Best of all, I think she's as big of a fan of Mister Rogers' Neighborhood as I am.


molly said...

Thank you so very much, Vicki, AND it's reciprocal! I found you a few weeks ago via a link from designmom and have been lurking around here since. I surely appreciate the kind things you've said about my little slice of the internet.

Yes, wasn't fred Rogers grand in his own quiet, mellow way?

Vicki said...

Thank YOU Molly! I ended up at your blog one day and just kept going back.

And yes, Mr. Rogers was grand in every way. I can't see his show at all with my cable lineup but I'd love for my kids to get to know him as well as I did.

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