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November 14, 2008

If you love chocolate chip cookies as much as I do (and I'll assume from your comments that you might), Christmas has come early.

I'm in possession of the most fabulous cookie recipe ever. It has been adapted (so slightly) from one given to me by a dear friend and I pull it out every year during the holidays to share with family, friends and (of course) St. Nick.

If you'd love to make a batch for yourself (sorry, we've eaten all of ours!), you're in luck. Here's a free printable Kids' Christmas Kit with everything you'll need for Santa's visit this year. This special kid-friendly kit contains Santa's secret chocolate chip cookie recipe, some Dear Santa stationery and a sweet little Christmas Eve note. Print it on some thick cardstock and feel free to share it with your friends.

If you're wondering how to get your letter to Santa, the Postal Service has some great tips. And if your family doesn't celebrate Christmas, download the kit anyway so that you can enjoy the thickest, chewiest, chocolatiest chip cookies you've ever had.

PS. Because it contains my own little illustrations, this download is for personal use only.


michelle said...

You should totally give those as gifts for neighbors and teachers. The stationery is too cute with the recipe cards and although I have never had these cookies {hello! why not?} I'm sure they are quite tasty ;)

tracey said...

you are AWESOME!!!! I am addicted to your designs!
thanks so much for your cookie recipe and the print-out.
i heart vicki!

Vicki said...

You guys are too sweet :)

There's seems to be something wonky with the .pdf that I'm trying to fix. Arrgh.

Yes, Michelle, you have had them... they're from Debbi Z!

Tracey... notice that font? ;)

Maria Elena said...

What a cute idea, Vicki. I downloaded it, my niece and nephew will love it! For some reason, I'm craving chocolate chip cookies now.

Julie said...

Thank you! I'm always looking for new cookie recipes (although given the state of my waistband lately, I probably shouldn't be!)

cartolina said...

Thank you - I love this.
Great idea. And I'm making cookies today so I will use it!

Erin @ Bride Design said...

Thanks for making my holiday a little bit easier Vicki! My 3 year old has been bugging me to write a letter to Santa with her and between my own holiday cards, cards for others, and next year's save the dates for weddings, I have not had a moment to "make" anything suitable to send the big guy in red.

That's the great thing about design I have adorable cards, and a holiday cookie recipe to bake with my girls! Can't wait.

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