cora's playground project

February 23, 2009

Thanks to a wonderful article in The Storque, the Cora Playground Project on Etsy has grown tremendously. As of this evening there were almost 500 items listed by over 100 sellers. The fundraiser has been extended until March 5th, which would have been that sweet little baby's first birthday.

I just received my first purchase from the project (see Jane showing off her Cora tee from I Love Plum) and I'm pretty sure you should get one too:


Heather said...

Adorable! If you can believe it, we're up to over 150 sellers! Amazing.

Pam said...

First of take an unbelievable photograph! That picture of your daughter is amazing!!! She makes my tee look GREAT! So glad you like it so much...that makes me feel all warm and fuzzy inside :) xoxo I'll be linking to your blog later so everyone can see too! xoxoxoxo

randi said...

Too cute! It is so nice to see that this fundraiser is such a success!

Jennifer said...

I just bought I Love Plum's retro rocket shirt for Alec!

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