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February 16, 2009

My heart is heavy with sorrow for a sweet young family struggling with unimaginable loss. The strength and unwavering faith they have shown during the sudden illness and loss of their beloved little girl is nothing short of a miracle. If you haven't yet heard the story of Cora McClenahan, you can read about it here.

Thank you Heather for sharing Cora's story and for working tirelessly to organize an Etsy-wide fundraiser to benefit the construction of a playground in Cora's name.

If you'd like to shop, click here:


Then go hug your babies.


Anonymous said...

OMG i just started crying at work. This is too sad. i feel for those poor parents. -Lara

Anonymous said...

Oh gosh, how I cried and cried and cried...
words are so inadequate right now.

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