July 10, 2009

We spent our July 4th at Fort McHenry, an important battlefield during the War of 1812 and the birthplace of our National Anthem. One of the highlights of our day was the unfurling of a replica of the flag that was Francis Scott Key's inspiration for writing what would become the Star Spangled Banner.

When the flag was laid out, the crowd joined in a chorus of the anthem. If you are someone who cries at parades (no mocking), you would have shed tears along with me. It was a beautiful and purely patriotic moment.

After a short round of applause a lone, deep voice emerged from the crowd. Quietly and confused, we listened.

And celebrated independence.

Yeah, I really cried after that one.

Happy belated Fourth of July, my friends.


Erin @ Bride Design said...

That would've gotten the waterworks flowin for me too! And I just need to say that my girls thoroughly enjoyed that and clapped wildly at the end! I love how much children really love the 4th!

Jennifer said...

There's a second verse? They've totally been holding out on us!

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