Have you ever...

July 27, 2008

taken your child to a birthday party on the wrong day? Had him all dressed up, present in hands, ready to enjoy cake and spend the afternoon bowling with his friends?

In honor of the inordinate amount of time spent at the bowling alley this weekend, here's some awesome bowling goods to satisfy your need for bumpered lane speed...

A. Bowling Set Pattern by Nuts About Crochet. This pattern REALLY makes me wish I could crochet. How stinkin cute are those little bowling balls you can actually get you fingers into?

B. Let's Go Bowling Dress by The Bird and the Bean. I would love to see Joop in this vintage-style A-line dress. While your visiting their shop, check out their practical but oh-so-lovely crayon and drawing paper holder.

C. Bowling Shoes. Our own retro-style bowling party invite (I couldn't resist).

And what bowling-related post would be complete without this?

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