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August 27, 2008

I love looking in people's houses. And no, not in a creepy look-at-that-lady-standing-in-our-window kind of way.

I've doing it for a while on Apartment Therapy and Making it Lovely but my newest interest is looking at product photos and wondering what the camera didn't capture.

For instance, I've noticed that a lot of people take product shots against hardwood floors. When I see a photo of a handbag against a wood floor, I wonder what else is nearby. Are there donut crumbs? Coffee mugs? Pee diapers? Spiderman underpants? (My secrets revealed).

Anyway, I wrote this post for Baltimore Mama and as I was taking product photos for Wee Gallery Art Cards, I wondered if anyone would guess what was going on behind-the-scenes. If you're as curious as I am, feel free to take a peek.

Here are the pics as posted...

Here's what it looked like behind the scenes...

P.S., that's an ice bucket that my kids put eleven (!) ants into (no worries--our ice maker broke in 2001), a broom handle (he he he) and Samson's tin lunchbox/drum kit propped up on a bookshelf in the dining room.

P.S.S (or however that goes) You should totally go over to Baltimore Mama to win yourself a set of those cards. They're awesome.

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