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August 27, 2008

So there's this woman. She's a mom and a wife and she's pretty and sweet and clever and oh so creative. She has chronicled her life over the past two years at her blog, Nie Nie Dialogues. She wrote about her family, her home and her husband's quest to get his pilot's license.
A few weeks ago, while Nie Nie (Stephanie) and her husband were out flying with his instructor, their plane crashed. The flight instructor died and Nie Nie and her husband are left with terrible life-threatening burns over most of their bodies.

Whenever I think of their four children, all under the age of six, my heart just aches. How scared and confused those little ones must be. I keep thinking of Stephanie lying in her hospital bed, not being able to hug her kids or talk with them about their days. I think of her sister and her husband who have opened up their home to care for the four of them.

I just can't wrap my head around it.

I first read about Nie Nie on Design Mom and that's also where I learned about a special event that's about to take place.

Tomorrow (Thursday) bloggers around the country are going to be auctioning off items to directly benefit the Christian and Stephanie Nielson Rehab Fund. All of the proceeds (yep, 100%) will be given to their family.

So, how can you help?

On Thursday, visit Design Mom's website for a link to participating sites. I hope you will bid generously (somewhere, anywhere) or donate directly.

I will have my own auction here too. Please feel free to bid. Here's the lowdown...

1. Place your bid in the comments section of the item (in dollar increments)
2. The last comment/bid as of Friday at 11pm is the winner.
3. Your entire bid goes straight to the family's fund. You'll make your payment directly to The Nie Nie
Recovery Fund. I'll even ship it to you for free.
4. Send me a copy of your PayPal reciept and your prize will be on its way!

The point of this auction is to try to give what you can. The item is just a cool bonus.

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