August 4, 2008

We had a wedding to go to this weekend and when Samson saw me all prettied-up, he said "Mommy, you look like a beautiful mermaid."

Boy that kid knows how how to make my heart smile.

So I was inspired to go online and see if I could find a print of a non-Ariel looking mermaid (good luck) and ended up at the site of one of my favorite illustrators, Amanda Kindregan. Her fantastic illustrations are retro but not overly kitschy. Visit her Etsy shop for lovelies like this River Mermaid

and a print I've really been wanting to get for Samson's room, Matchbox Boys.
All images are from the Etsy shop of Amanda Kindregan.

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Erin @ Bride Design said...

So cool. Thanks for sharing. I love shopping for prints for my girls' rooms!

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