christmas card?

December 17, 2008


Still not done yet.

But any excuse to take pictures of the kids.

And the tree.

Is fine by me.

So, if you run into me today on Twitter or Facebook, tell me to get back to work. I REALLY need to get these things done.


Heather Kate said...

Love the first one! I'm lagging too... prints have been ordered but they still have to be assembled!! Maybe they can be New Years cards :)

ria nirwana said...

Fine by me too! Realllllyy need more time these days, but hang in there! I really enjoy your blog. Have a nice day!

Anonymous said...

The first picture just shows how much they adore each other. Too cute! By the way, Erica wants you to come over more. She said good thing Ms Vicki was here to make me feel better!

Thanks again for the great cards!

Anonymous said...

Awww! That first one! Their cute lil' rounded profiles! So stinkin' adorable! -NH

Erin @ Bride Design said...

Love the top one where they are so deep in conversation. Super sweet!

Elisa said...

it made me giggle inside because i can so relate to the christmas card creation & send off project. i just finished printing i'm assembling...hoping to send off in the mail tomorrow! can't wait to see yours..hope you'll post. i found my inspiration from a kate spade ad i saw this holiday. i hope to post a picture or the file in the next day or so. happy christmas!!

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