brown digits

March 17, 2009

It was just too quiet and I should have known better.

But damn it, I was enjoying the silence. Sitting at my computer, working on my link list and staring at the clouds with the soft sounds of Pablo and Uniqua babysitting my children in the background.

She came in so quietly, I could hardly hear her chanting.

"Mommy. Hands. Mommy. Hands. Mommy. Hands."

I recognized the color immediately. The smell took a moment longer. She ran towards me.

I grasped her arms and looked down at her hands. Every single finger was covered in dark brown poo.

Except her left thumb. Oh Jane.


Heather said...

Too funny. If this were Camden, her left thumb would be completey clean too. I feel for you!

thereddeer said...

Something I have to look forward to when Zoe is old enough.

Merrily Down the Stream said...

Oh no! And I'll be danged if I can figure out how to wash that smell off. Eeeeeeeww!

vicki said...

Heather: I can't even think about that thumb--it was just too clean.

Red deer: they're never too young to play in their diapers... just wait ;)

Merrily: if you could have seen me down on my hands and knees trying to smell for everything she awful!

Jennifer said...

Oh my freaking God. (Am I allowed to say I laughed out loud, though? )

Tulaloo said...

Add that to the list of stories you can embarass her with 10 years from now!

Erin @ Bride Design said...

Ugh. My youngest has done her fair share of "diaper-playing" as you so politely put it. Mostly at the end of naps. I feel your pain. Especially the on your hands and knees sniffing part. On the upside...all the old ladies that have heard my stories say "She's going to be artistic!" (Is that what does it?). Guess there must be an old wives tale. Thankfully, my oldest has become an excellent warning signal and watchdog..."MOMMY!! Come quick! It's a DISASTER!!!!"

vicki said...

Those old wives are always trying to make us feel better :) I'll take your cue, Erin and teach Samson to be my diaper-playing watchdog!

Anonymous said...

We have finger painted with that yummy stuff 2!

Sara said...

Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha...that's funny...remind me that I thought so when Stella does it!

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