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March 18, 2009

A few weeks ago I completed a fun project for an Etsy customer of mine. She asked me to create shower decorations to coordinate with the plaid pram stationery from my shop.

I designed a banner with the baby's name. The letters were printed on thick cardstock and held together with chocolate brown ribbon.

Then I created some cupcake toppers. I printed a custom message on the front and the plaid pattern on the back. I used 80 lb cardstock (not too thick, not too thin), and cut out the circles using a 2" hole punch.

I struggled with finding the best way to adhere the two pieces to each other and the toothpick. I ended up using my Xyron (sticker-making) machine. There was a good deal of glue left around the edges (the downside of using the Xyron) so it took a while with each piece and my adhesive eraser to get rid of the sticky edges.

I was really happy with the way they turned out but I'm not sure that I'll be listing them in my shop. Maybe I'm just slow (or too much of a perfectionist) but the toppers took way too long to assemble. Besides, glue and I don't really get along.
I would consider listing banners in my Etsy shop though... no adhesives required. I'll keep you posted ;)


Heather said...

So great!

Julie said...

They look fantastic - I'm sure your customer will be super, super happy with them!!

thereddeer said...

They look great, especially the cupcake toppers. You did a great job.

heather said...

it all looks lovely! and i love the banner.

p.s. glue & i don't get along either.

mamanpascale said...

By the way, LOVE the changes it all looks FABULOUS!

Elisa said...

Each piece looks wonderful! such a terrific outcome!

Erin @ Bride Design said...

I love the banner too! I think you should list it. As for the glue...goodness, when is someone going to invent a perfect adhesive for us paper gals? The ATG is great, but it doesn't offer the Xyron coverage. Then again, the Xyron leaves glue at the edges....Ugh I struggle with this all the time. You're not alone in your obsessiveness. ;)

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