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May 26, 2009

Growing up, I felt such a connection with the characters on Sesame Street. Maybe it's because I remember my own childhood trip to the store for "a loaf of bread, a container of milk and a stick of butter" (I'll save that story for another day) or because the front stoop at 123 looked a lot like my own in Ridgewood.

This year marks the 40th anniversary of Sesame Street and I've spent the past four hours some time on You Tube watching my favorites. What are yours?


Emily said...

The 1 yo I nanny is only allowed to watch Sesame Street so we watch a little everyday and I've had so much fun reliving some of my favorite clips. You posted a lot of my favorites but I also love the Teeny Little Super Guy!

Heather said...

Vicki, those are ALL some of my very favorites, I don't even have to click play to know which they are. My sisters and I can still recite all the words to most any Sesame Street song/skit. I still hear Ladybug Picnic almost daily (on one of Cam's favorite videos). My first stop down your memory lane of you tubes will be the crayon one. It's mesmerizing. Gosh, am I a nerd or what!!?

vicki said...

How could I forget about Teeny Little Super Guy, Emily? I can't wait to show him to my 4 year old tomorrow! Gosh, this stuff is so much better than 99% of what's on today, isn't it?

Yes, Heather, you're just like me! I bet there are many more Sesame Street nerds like us out there :)

Heather said...

Okay, after shooting over to the classic sesame archives, I had to come back to add in my love of:
-anything with the YipYips
-Bert's Doin' the Pigeon
-Ernie's I'd like to Live on the Moon

I could go on, and on, and on....

and yes Teeny Little Super Guy! I was thinking the same thing... why can't simple stuff like THAT still be on?

Amy said...

My sisters and I were just talking about this yesterday! I also love
"how cheese is made"
"we all sing with the same voice"
"everybody sleeps"
"little dollhouse"

Childrens telivision is all smut compared to The Street

vicki said...

I love the pigeon, Heather...we do it in my house all the time :)

Amy...I didn't remember the little dollhouse at all! I just showed it to my daughter. 57 times.

Jennifer said...

OK, I'm having memories of a news guy in a trenchcoat, who reported on stories like the Three Little Pigs or Rumplestiltskin, but googling shows it was Kermit?? He had brown hair and a big nose. Did I totally invent this?

Jennifer said...

I think I'm conflating Guy Smiley with Kermit, btw. That's because I'm so damn old.

Random piece of trivia: a guy whose mom went to our temple was a struggling actor in NY, and he was the back half of Snuffleupagus when I was little. He went on to become a minor celebrity -- Peter Friedman. ;-)

Tulaloo said...

oooh! I remember Guy Smiley!

On the topic of random trivia, a good friend of mine and his wife are puppeteers (he created ALF) and they used to do alot of stuff with Sesame Street. He told me lots of fun behind the scenes stuff, and dished on whoe was fun and who wasn't so much fun!

Tulaloo said...

Just need to add, that I was just watching these with my youngest (he LOVES Sesame Street) and I started to sing along with "sing a song". He turned and put his hand on my chest, and said "Uh uh Momma. No." And turned back to the video! Apparently I'm not such a good singer.

vicki said...

Oh! I love all the behind-the-scenes dish! I could never be a puppeteer. As a matter of fact, I lost a job in an elementary school one year because I told them I didn't like using puppets :)

The best part about singing Sing is that you can sound as lousy as you want! It actually bring tears to my eyes every time I hear that song because I can picture five-year-old me alone in my bedroom belting it out.

Jen- there is a Muppets skit with "Reporter Kermit" could that be what you're thinking? I always loved Sherlock Hemlock too.

Tulaloo said...

What about that magician - "A La Peanut Butter Sandwiches!!"

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